Berkshire Blog Review: Graham Jones' Blog

Another member of the local constellation of reknowned communications experts is Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist.

What is that, you may reasonably ask?

If you've ever wondered about the seemingly irrational behaviour which so many people try to explain and justify their online habits, an insight the instinctive motivations will help you understand how to waste efforts in search of little return.

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Title: Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist
Publisher: Graham Jones Business Group
Berkshire blog ranking: Not Listed & 12,280 (August 2009)
Type: Commercial
Focus: Business-oriented communications
Sample posting: How not to succeed with online media (February 28th, 2008)
Style: (1.5 out of 2pts)
Direct and knowledgable, but some doubts must be raised over whether he is using his skills for you or against you, or indeed both at the same time. Reassuringly counter-intuitive and occasionally contrary at regular intervals.

Specialisms: (2 out of 2pts)
Don't waste time believing marketing strategies, just learn to understand what your customers want and you'll help to maximise your sales to them.

Regularity: (2 out of 2pts)

Multi-media: (2 out of 2pts)
A full complement of communication platforms are utilised, as you'd expect from someone with as much expertise as this.

Interactivity: (1.5 out of 2pts)
A diverse range of high-quality links. Blog fully integrated into a high-quality website demonstrating the product he is selling, but so conclusively convincing is he that there is sometimes little space for visitors to contribute anything extra.

Total rating: (9 out of 10pts)

Quote this: "Graham Jones understands the subconscious superconciousness of the web and web-users"

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