Berkshire Blog Review: Berkshire Newsblog Network

Following on from the previous review of the Berkshire Websites 'blog', it makes sense to review their connected network of news blogs, although I hope my Reading List Newspage can learn from their mistakes.

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Titles: Berkshire Newsblog Network - Maidenhead & Windsor, Bracknell, Crowthorne & Sandhurst, Twyford and Wokingham sites.
Publisher: Unknown, although the link with the Berkshire Websites network suggests a connection with a commercial corporation.
Berkshire Blog Ranking: Not ranked
Type: Commercial.
Focus: News from eastern Berkshire.

Sample posting: Pick up a bargain at Hurst Dinton car boot sale (July 8th, 2009)
Style: (0.5 out of 2pts)
Generally appears to be reprints of press releases. Intends to be uncontroversial and apolitical.

Specialisms: (1 out of 2pts)
Community events, crime incidents, economic development news.

Regularity: (1.5 out of 2pts)
Mostly daily across the network.

Multi-media: (0 out of 2pts)
Plain text.

Interactivity: (0 out of 2pts)
Ring-fenced production of content, no RSS feeds, no comments allowed.

Total rating: (3 out of 10pts)

Quote this: "An uncritical communitarian information trap"

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If you want to add your review of this blog or suggest another local site for review, please do so in the comments section.

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