Berkshire Blog Review: Mr London Street

Please turn your attention to one of my favorite local blogs... give the man a big hand... erm, just enjoy!

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Title: Mr London Street
Publisher: A 35-year-old Reading resident...
Berkshire blog ranking: 111th (August 2009). But only because he's a recent entry.
Type: Personal
Focus: The basics: smut, pedantry and the futile minutiae of everyday life - at least that's what he says himself.
Sample posting: Eavesdropping and the nookie ocelot (4th September 2009)
Style: (2 out of 2pts)
Witty, erudite and down-to-earth. Not quite flappable, at least in retrospect.

Specialisms: (2 out of 2pts)
Autobiographical storytelling. Regular feature: That Was The Week That Blogged.

Regularity: (1.5 out of 2pts)
Multiple times weekly. A healthy routine.

Multi-media: (1 out of 2pts)
Occasional photos, used to contribute to rather than just complement the articles.

Interactivity: (1.5 out of 2pts)
Highly active comments section with engaged audience. Nearly 150 public followers.

Total rating: (8 out of 10pts)

Quote this: "Takes the weight off your rear-end with this smooth, well-rounded pile of golden comedy blogging for your delectation. Satisfaction guaranteed. Reading's reigning premier humourist."

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