Berkshire Blog Review: Creating Reputations With Morgan PR

Continuing with some of the professional communicators who blog, I'll turn my attention to Newbury-based Public Relations team of Nigel and Diane Morgan.

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Title: Creating Reputations
Publisher: Morgan PR
Berkshire blog ranking: 30th (August 2009)
Type: Commercial
Focus: Communications
Sample posting: Why Swearing On Twitter Is Bad For Your Reputation (July 17th, 2009)
Style: (2 out of 2pts)
Some of the best, most direct and stright-forward posts out there. With real personality too.

Specialisms: (2 out of 2pts)
The do's and don'ts of communication. A wide variety of angles - communication tools, comment on research and company advice.

Regularity: (1.5 out of 2pts)
Most weekdays.

Multi-media: (1.5 out of 2pts)
Blog feed integrated into company website. Regular photos.

Interactivity: (1.5 out of 2pts)
Working backlinks to high-quality sources. Occasionally active comments on blog topics, preferring to utilise the speedy feedback of Twitter.

Total rating: (8.5 out of 10pts)

Quote this: "Creating Reputations has created a massive reputation for Morgan PR - they know what they're talking about!"

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